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Dades93 - For you who love to karaoke with family and friends at the famous karaoke places in town you sure you will be impressed with the ease song searches with computerized systems and database availability song so much. You just type the type of song, song title or artist, then the song you selected will appear on the computer monitor, then you press play the song you selected will appear on television. And you live karaoke Ria. While you karaoke, friends / family you can choose another song to play next at the computer monitor without affecting the display karaoke song that is running on television. All of this can happen because of integration between Computer with Television and Audio System, with the help of software / programs installed on the computer. With this karaoke system, karaoke becomes more simple and fun because you do not need to replace the cassette cd to change songs from different yag singer, you do not need to open a list of songs that complicated book to select a number of songs and pressing the numbers on the remote control to select songs.

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- Download Dzone Home Extreme 7 Pro
- Download Dzone Home Extreme 8 Pro
- Download Sofware Karaoke

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