Tutorial How to Make a New Steam Account

Yoo .. This time I will explain Tutorial How to Create a New Steam Account. Who still do not understand what I was going to offend a little steam. Steam is a platform made by Valve's games, distributed all they manage. by using this Steam, the user can download the game paid or free. There are hundreds of games from the start that berspek low or high. Such as Counter Strike, Dota 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Civilization, and much more.

Okay, we just headed langakah-step How to Make a New Steam Account.

1. If my friend has been successfully installed in the PC steam buddy, then try to open it. Menu will appear as shown below. Select Create New Account. 

2. After the next until you see the display as below. Well here buddy required to fill the account username that will be used to login pal account. Then set the password pal. I suggest Password consists of numbers and letters.

3. After all the contents mate choice, select the next to appear as below. Here pal required to determine the email that will be used for verification. Email this important role for pal account later. So, I suggest that the primary email wear pal.

4. Then select the next to appear Steam Account Information. I suggest to capture her that if one day my friend forgot the password, this information could be of help.

5. Then click next, and will be until the following is displayed. Click Finish to complete the account creation stage .. easy right? ..

6. After completing all that, my friend will automatically redirect to a friend steam account as shown below. See what I give red color, there is no notification that the necessary pal account for verification. Steps were open email buddy, then open the mail of steam. Click on the link provided in the email steam. Done account can be used

I will discuss in the next post How to Install Games on Steam. so, always follow the latest updates from Dades93.

See this video :

Thanks and good luck. :)