Dead Galaxy v 1.4.1 Apk + Data + Mod

Dades93 - Dead Galaxy v 1.4.1 Apk is a action game. Prepare yourself to killing a massive zombies. They will come to catch and kill you. In a Dead Galaxy  a massive zombie will eat some flesh fresh like yourself. So, be carefull because they will come sudenlly in grup. Prepare all of your amunition to shoot them all. You can use your strongest weapon to kill them if you're at the dangerous spot. What make this game is difficult is it like a Fps game, we need a large vision to secure area. but we just have a some blind spot and we dont know when the zombies came out to kill you. Lets test your accuracy  at this game. Shall you shoot them at a long distance?. Lets download and try it.

Description :
 You play an exiled military, falsely accused of having murdered the one and only friend he had to protect: an eminent scientist the army secretly commandeered to perform experimentations on human body, in order to create super soldiers. As you are escaping from the army, you have to deal with a strange infection barely starting to spread. Clues getting more and more clear will eventually lead you to the very source of that strange disease, and bring you face to face with the shocking truth.

Features :
  • Unlimited zombie wave triggering in arena mode.
  • Kill tons of undead and confront massive bosses in story mode.
  • Progress and get more than 25 weapons of different kinds.
  • Fun and captivating objectives.
  • Cinematics and staged action scenes.
  • Optimized to run on many devices.
  • A lot of maps to stampede walking and running zombies.
  • What's New :
  • Tweaking tutorials
  • Added in the beta version:
  • Added shop and more than 15 weapons
  • Added achievements
  • You can now record levels and share them to the community
  • Added online synchronization, all your progress is saved online, continue the game where you left off on any device.
  • Added manual fire
  • Added more musics and sounds
  • Added explanations on Inventory Menu usage
  • Fixed various bugs and enhanced gameplay
  • Removed ads

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Apk :
Hope you enjoy it guys

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