Free Download Deadly 30 for PC

Deadly 30 is advanture game.I think its like Metal Slug but it have a different enemy.In Deadly 30, players must survive 30 days. At day and night in a zombies infested world when they can recruit companion, upgrade weaponary, and fortify their position to fight of hungry zombies. During the days player can gather resources, enchane their base defense and explore their surroundings for usefull items in order to prepare for fighting relentless wave of zombie night attacks.Three different playable character A.I. controled team combat and upgradeable weaponary and defenses help keep player alive as they attemp to eradicate the zombie hordes. Dont let the zombies destroy your defenses and keep shoot them and make your teamate alive.Go survive.

Download :
How to instal :
  1. Extrack the file
  2. Find the setup. exe and wait installation complete
  3. After istallation complete, double klik at deadly 30.exe
  4. Go enjoy the game.
Hope you like this game.

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