Free Download Game Seek for PC

Dades93 - Seek is a survival horror game that is played from a first person perspective . With style like game Amnesia, Outlast, and Cry of Fear, Seek managed to create a pleasant atmosphere at once thrilling adventure . Located in a quiet and beautiful area , the player must find the solution of various problems that arose . With a medieval setting , the atmosphere in it can not be separated from the traditional feel and is still very dependent on nature . The beginning of the plot of this game is the one who suffered brain damage that amnesia . He tried to cure the illness by means of his family came to my hometown . But the unexpected happened , the mystery block to be solved. 

Free Download Game Seek for PC

In the Age of Enlightenment (1700-1800) , Damien , husband and father , is returning to his home village after receiving a letter from his wife. Upon arrival he Began to experience hallucinations and memory loss. Fearing for his family he Enters the village and discovers the horrifying truth. Seek built using the Unreal Engine . So there can be no doubt visual effects in it . The game will also be interspersed with a variety of brief hallucinations as a result of drunk alcoholic beverages . In a journey through the jungle , my friend will see the beautiful scenery eye relief. You can download this games for free. Here we go..

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