Haunted Escape v1.0.5.Apk + Data

Dades93 - Haunted Escape v 1.0.5 is a  adventure horror game.Finding own-self trapped on what was you thought to be a routine of paranormal investigation. The mystery uncovering and a dreaded haunted house is curse. Emily the ghost, a Victorian Era teenager with a wicked Aunt Vitoria at war.Leo is her late uncle has left a trail of puzzles and clues for you to uncover secrets that lie hide in this horrors torturous house. This well-crafted 3D 1st person adventure is take you on the ride of life as you do work at a feverish pace escape shilling house and spooky and its myriad of mysterious room. This games storyline is fully curious plot twists, engaging, lock downs and unique puzzles and collection of mini intriguing games along the way. You need to collect all clue then break the mystery.

Haunted Escape v1.0.5.Apk + Data

Haunted Escape Features :
  • Stunning 3D world with huge details.
  • Huge interesting and challenging puzzles and mini games.
  • Hidden clues object and tools.
  • Exellent lenght and depth with hours gameplay.
  • Exciting and Engaging storyline and alternate ending.
  • Original music score.
  • This game fun for all ages.

Download :
Hope you enjoy this game guys :D

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