Slenderman Must Die : Chapter 2 v 1.0 Apk

Slenderman Must Die : Chapter 2 v 1.0 ApkDades93 - Slenderman Must Die : Chapter 2 is adventure game. At this game you need to kill the slenderman, Its hard to kill him you just have limited ammo and if youre lucky at your survival you can find another weapon or some ammo. If your ammo  is empty you can use a knife to kill them but use knive is a risky because you need a short range to attack them and they will attack you with a hurt damage. Its very dark, quiet and scary here. They will come in suddenly and shocking you if you are not focus with your gun they will kill you. Just stay focus and get ready to face them.

Description :

Slenderman Must Die : Chapter 2 v 1.0 Apk

This game is not like any other Slenderman you've played.
The Year is 2496. Your Spaceship ran out of energy. You had to dock on abandoned space station to find some energy cells.
Your mission is to find 13 energy cells so you can restore energy to your spaceship.
This space Station is abandoned, no one knows why. It is said that military was conducting some strange experiments.
As soon as you step on Space Station you find out that it is not abandoned!
Someone or something is here...

Slenderman Must Die : Chapter 2 v 1.0 Apk

Features : 
- New Slenderman Chapter For Android
- You have to collect 13 Energy Cells, but this time you have more guns !!!
- Rusty Bars Can Be Shot With A Weapon
- You Can Jump And Crouch! ( Trust Me You're Gonna Need It )
- Shoot Slenderman and Escape the Horror.
- Great 3D Graphics
- New Slenderman Model!
- Great KILL Animation!
- Slender Man Free Full Version

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