Almightree The Last Dreamer v1.3 Apk Data

Almightree The Last Dreamer v1.3 Apk Data
Dades93 - Almightree The Last Dreamer is an adventure game that also presents puzzles in the gameplay. In this game you are required to choose the right path to reach the final stage there is a tree called Almightree. To reach the end of your stage will be a race against time because the platform will continue to fall. First game you will be faced with the choice of 3 Difficulty: Easy, Normal and Hard. All three have different levels of difficulty depending Puzzle. To control option can use the D-pad or joystick. In addition, you also have to move the platform as soon as possible, because it will lie empty space on the puzzle that will be passed. In this game could also take the coin is available, but this would be very time consuming because usually coin is placed not on the path you should skip. You can buy this game at Playstore with price US $25 or download from dades93 for free.

Description :
The world is shattering and you are the only hope to restore the balance. A thrilling and challenging 3D puzzle platformer game. Find your way to awaken the Almightree while racing with calamity. It was just a radiant day when the ground started to fall, houses and towers crumbled, and the world gone out of its order. You lose everything you have, everyone you love. Your only hope is the Almightree and its seedlings, mythical trees that believed have the power to keep the order of the world. But be watchful on your adventure, as you may find clues that maybe there are still others. Journey through an intense and puzzling world to awaken seedlings and finally majestic Almightree. To restore the balance of the world or even maybe bring back everything you hold dear.

Almightree The Last Dreamer v1.3 Apk Data

Features :
  • Thrilling 3D puzzle platformer experience
  • Discover the stunning world of the Almightree
  • Conquer 100+ puzzles across 20 vast stages
  • Over 6 unique puzzle features to overcome
  • 40+ challenges to be completed
  • Unlock 10+ mysterious illustrations about the hero 
  • Compelling cutscenes to narrate the story of Almightree
  • Adjustable difficulty for personal gaming experience
  • Compete score and earn achievements in Google Play game services
  • Cloud save support through Google Play game services

Note :
  • The game is not compatible in ART mode

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