Because Zombies v1.1 Apk + Mod + Data

Because Zombies v1.1 Apk + Mod + DataDades93 - Because Zombies is a strategy game for android. Kill a many different zombies. You can use grenades, guns, bomb or robot lasser. You need cooperate with your team up because they all is another survivors here. Kill the zombies as much as you want. You can prepare some trap to kill them and dont let them stay near you or they will attack you. Good teamwork, set a trap in a strategies place and best timing is the key to win this game. Dont let them pass the barricade. Go survive and keep alive in a massive zombies. So dont waste your time here lets download and enjoy the game.


Because Zombies v1.1 Apk + Mod + Data

Because Zombies is Tower Defense at its best! Take an epic journey through a zombie infested city in search of your daughter! Collect 25+ zombie destroying barriers throughout the city — Attack dogs, exploding barrels, dynamite and more — to kill many different zombie types KILL ZOMBIES ANY WAY YOU WANT TO! Because Zombies lets you Construct the ultimate defense by using your choice of the 25+ different weapons and barriers in the city. As you defend against the zombies, place the barriers wherever you want, and in any configuration you want! Combine them to multiply their zombie killing power!

Because Zombies v1.1 Apk + Mod + Data

You play as John, a father who has lost his daughter after a terrible experiment gone wrong. You must battle your way through 43 zombie infested levels, to make your way to the mysterious tower!
Team up with other survivors! As you travel, you will meet other people who have survived the accident, each with different talents and abilities. You can survive this journey, but you will have to work together!
Because zombies with with many different abilities lurk in the city, you must figure out their weaknesses and exploit them!

What's new
  • Coins are now transferred between levels, so you take the money you earn with you! Making it much easier to blast zombies
  • fixed bugs
  • lots of performance tweaks, the game should be a little smoother on lower-end devices.
  • Added a shadow toggle in the ingame menu. Turning off shadows will speed things up a little bit also.
  • Tweaked prices a bit. the turret is a little cheaper, the default zombies only give 40coins now...but are easier to speed kill
  • fixed a few bugs.

Download Because Zombies v1.1 Apk + Mod (a lot of money) + Data 

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