Etherlords v1.4.5.3548 Apk + Data + Mod

Etherlords v1.4.5.3548 Apk + Data + Mod
Dades93 - Etherlords is a strategy game for android. It is a incredibly addictive gameplay, breathtaking experience, epic battles and amazing gameplay. This game have a special effect animation and make this game so cool. You will find epic strategy on the go, collect evolve qonquer, and furious PvP battle even offfline. You can play without limits, no stamina no waiting.Go survive and let the world know who is the strongest hero. Lets sacrifice entire worlds to feed your creatures. So dont waste your time here lets download and enjoy the game.

Etherlords v1.4.5.3548 Apk + Data + Mod

The world is governed by a force known as ether and it is wielded by the representatives of chaos, kinetics, synthesis, and vitality. The leaders of the four factions vie with each other for supremacy, with the ultimate goal of transcending into the fabled White Lord, the master of all ether. In Etherlords I, you may select between two campaigns: Kinet/Vital or Chaot/Synthet. Some of the maps are shared between the two campaigns, and you simply assume the role of whichever faction you selected. The final mission is one such mission. It also requires that you break with your allies and choose a single faction, and therefore a single avatar, to face the White Lord. The White Lord himself, being a master of all ether, uses spells from multiple schools. Notably he uses a deck that is heavy on Synthet spells, augmented by top picks from the other schools. Upon defeating the White Lord, the victor ascends and becomes the new White Lord.

Etherlords v1.4.5.3548 Apk + Data + Mod

  • MIND-BLOWING GAMEPLAY Create entire worlds and feed them to your creatures!
  • EPIC STORY Entire worlds are dying after the Cataclysm. Discover their secrets to learn the truth about what really had happened!
  • FAST BATTLES Beat your opponent in just 60 sec - faster than making a cup of coffee!
  • FIGHT FOR GLORY Battle your opponents on the Arena to climb your way to the top! The more wins you score, the better prizes you'll get!
  • UNIQUE CHALLENGES Participate in daily Events and earn sweet rewards: Ether, consumables and even Legendary creatures!
  • COLLECTION-BASED More than 180 mighty creatures and monsters from Wolves to Dragons, Witchdoctor to Scorpion King and even Colossus! Find them all, rule them all!
  • DEEP AND SIMPLE Extremely deep strategy game with very simple controls! You can do it anywhere, you can play it on the move!
  • ONLINE AND OFFLINE No need for constant connection to play. No more interruptions! Get ready for action and enjoy PvE and PvP even when you are offline!
  • NO LIMITS Forget about stamina to replenish or buildings to construct. Fight enemies anytime you want!
  • SKILL-BASED RATINGS Use unique combinations for each battle. Sharpen your fighting skills and become the mightiest Etherlord!
  • The Universe needs you, hero! Summon and train your army, master new skills and strategies to become truly unstoppable!
What's new
  • New event - "World Heart". The event will be available for all players who finished the tutorial.
  • New unique creature - Cupid Dragon. Can be acquired in "World Heart" event or from special boosters.
  • Special spring decorations.

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