Guerrilla Bob v1.4 Premium Apk for Android

Guerrilla Bob v1.4 Premium Apk for Android
Dades93 - Guerrilla Bob Apk is a light game genre down shooter featuring slick graphics and controls. Released in 2009 for the PC version of this game now got rave reviews after attending for Android devices. Guerrilla Bob Premium apk game is very great due to present an exciting game despite the small size. Remarkably little of this game it can be played using the Wi-Fi Multiplayer. Enjoy each level in this game and will definitely intriguing. Guerrilla Bob memmpunyai unique game style. Because the display of character and a very cool effect. Of Degi gameplay was very pleasant and able to seize your time. Unfortunately, this game is not free. Because you have to pay about US $3.5 to download this game from playstore. But no matter, because here I will give Guerrilla Bob apk Pro just for you all.

Description :
Guerrilla Bob offers stunning visuals, an arsenal of kick-ass weaponry, unique enemies, explosive ammunition and non-stop humor. Bob can collect money from the enemies and use it in the shop to unlock a huge variety of weapons.  Face an army of fearsome foes wielding weapons of every variety. This is a challenge not for the faint of heart. The story mode levels offer non-stop action with numerous gameplay twists plus exploration to discover hidden areas, secret Power-Ups and bonus items!. The gateway to each new level is guarded by imposing boss enemies with uniquely powerful weapons and tactics.

Guerrilla Bob v1.4 Premium Apk for Android

You will even have to face John Gore himself (from MiniGore fame)!. Dive into the Story Campaign where Guerilla Bob fights through dangerous canyons, steep deserts and dreadful towns. The story mode is split into Arcade mode, where Bob fights for fame, and Mercenary mode, where Bob fights for fortune. Alternatively, engage in Classic Survival Mode where endless enemies come at Bob from all directions in a closed arena environment. In Wave Attack Mode you fight waves of baddies and access the shop to purchase new arsenal. Extra difficulty modes are for players who think they’re experts!. Immerse yourself into this humorous military shooter with an original soundtrack and professionally scripted voice-overs.

Guerrilla Bob v1.4 Premium Apk for Android

Features :
  • Machinegun 
  • Timed Bombs
  • Molotov Cocktail 
  • Shotgun
  • Double Uzis
  • Flamethrower
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Sticky Bow
  • Chain Gun

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