Heroes of Dragon Age v4.0.0 Apk for Android

Heroes of Dragon Age v4.0.0 Apk for Android
Dades93 - Heroes of Dragon Age is action game for android. This game is developed by Electronic Art games. This game have a nice 3D graphic and great sound effect. Lets party with a great warior and beast monster. At this game you can collect some character such as  rare dragon, golem and another creatures. Prepare your strongest strategy to face your enemy . You need a great teamwork to beat them. You can combine heroes and  deploy a powerfull runes to increase your squad power. It have a detail particle effect and make it perfect too. So dont waste your time here lets download and enjoy this game.

COLLECT THE HEROES. BECOME A LEGEND! Build a party of famous warriors and epic monsters from Dragon Age lore. Battle other players in strategic, CCG-inspired 3D combat and compete for rewards in daily events. Fight bosses on engaging quests from the award-winning, dark fantasy RPG games.

Heroes of Dragon Age v4.0.0 Apk for Android

Collect hundreds of characters from across the Dragon Age universe, including rare dragons, giant golems, and other devastating creatures – each with unique abilities, stats, and factions. Consume and combine heroes – and deploy powerful runes – to increase your squad’s power. Devise deep strategies with the Gallery: a compendium of hero groups, factions, rarities, and specialties.
Build up to four squads and watch your strategy unfold on the battlefield. The more heroes you have, the more possibilities you have at your fingertips. Clash against other players to earn banners and one-of-a-kind rewards in timed events. Deploy your winning formations to earn trophies and dominate the global leaderboard!
Play through epic quests and boss battles as you immerse yourself in Dragon Age lore. Earn achievement rewards by reliving places, times, and storylines straight from the beloved franchise!
Immerse yourself in stunning graphics as you watch your heroes rock the battlefield with amazing special effects.

Heroes of Dragon Age v4.0.0 Apk for Android

What's new
  • Pack Drops – Win Hero Packs by questing in the Nexus and battling in PvP events
  • Rune Purchases – Use Gems to purchase Runes directly from the Store and equip them on the pre-battle screen
  • Behind-the-scenes updates to improve your overall game experience

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