Lucky Patcher Apk v5.4.6 Apk for Android

Lucky Patcher Apk v5.4.6 Apk for Android
Dades93 - Lucky Patcher is an android application can help you to bypass Verification license, remove ads, modify permissions and others in certain applications. With this application, you can create an application that was free-version into full version with the help of 'patches' of applications lukcy patcher. Examples are Link2SD Free version. To make this Link2SD the full version, then you should buy Link2SD Plus that would be useful as keylocker. But with Lucky Patcher you can make Link2SD free version into full version. Good luck. You need to remember that the use of Lucky Patcher can not be guaranteed 100%. So you are in charge of the use of this application. In this situation, I am not responsible for any problems caused by this application to your device. Do With Your Own Risk !!.

For some applications, sometimes there are also applications that can not use lucky patcher. And the following is a list of some fitur that work using the lucky patcher.

Lucky Patcher Apk v5.4.6 Apk for Android

Non-Root Users :
  • Install and uninstall applications.
  • Move to SDcard and back to internal memory.
  • Use filters to sort applications.
  • Install applications from SDcard.
  • Make backup for apk files from applications.
  • Share applications to Bluetooth, e-mails or others tools.
Lucky Patcher Apk v5.4.6 Apk for Android

Root Users Only :
  • Move Applications to /system or integrate updates to /system.
  • Backup settings of application.
  • Block and unblock Internet connection for apps.
  • Use directory binder for android api < 19 (widget).
  • Set default install location : SDcard or internal memory.
  • Clear Dalvik cache.
  • Move selected apps to SDcard.
  • Uninstall selected apps.
  • Odex all system applications.
  • Freeze or unfreeze applications (widget).
  • Odex selected applications.
  • Clear hosts file.
  • Reboot device.

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