Survive Mola Mola v2.2.2 Apk for Android

Survive Mola Mola v2.2.2 Apk for Android
Dades93 - Survive Mola mola is a unique game where you are required to maintain a mola to be great. Game Survive Mola mola is inspired from the typical Japanese fish is fish Mola. Speaking of gameplay, this game requires you to feed fish to grow large sunfish. Sounds easy, but there is a challenge because there are so weak that mola fish die easily. And be your job to take care of things that could cause him to die. This game is indirectly invites us to preserve the environment. There are two goals in this game, which is found all the things that can cause mola fish die, either from food or from natural conditions at the time of mola do adventure. The second goal is to keep the fish mola until it reaches maximum size. interested in trying? okay please download of dades93 via the link below.

Description :
4 million downloads of the pupular app in Japan!. Released in the English version of the Molas nurturing game! Molas are pretty distinct with a large and oddly-shaped body. However, they are actually very delicate. The smallest thing can make them die (´・ω・`)

Survive Mola Mola v2.2.2 Apk for Android

Features :
Dive into the deep-end too quickly 
  • Wow, the water is so cold! 
  • Death
Sun bathing
  • When I woke up, I was on land 
  • Death
Jump to kill a parasites riding on the body
  • Fell and struck the water!
  • Death

Whats New :
  • New evolutions added!
  • including "Arctic Ocean king" and "Pacific Ocean king"!
  • Enjoy new food and adventures in the Arctic and Pacific Oceans!

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