Alien Invasion Adventure Pro Apk v1.0.1

Alien Invasion Adventure Pro apk
Dades93 - Alien Invasion Adventure Pro is an RPG game that has a very exciting gameplay. In this game you can choose several characters who will play as an alien exterminator who invaded the Earth. Details of character is not so great as Modern Combat 5. But in the exciting atmosphere of the game remains. Moreover, this game you can play online. Okay for you who want to try the excitement of the game Alien Invasion Adventure Pro apk these, please download via the link below.

Description :
Aliens have taken over the city. The alien war has left devastation and destruction. It is up to you to remove all the enemies from the city center. Choose your character from 4 options. Each character has has a unique weapon and set of skills you will need to successfully complete all the missions. Avoid the zombie cars and trucks to rescue the city from the invaders.

Alien Invasion Adventure Pro apk

Alien Invasion Adventure Pro apk

The second series of missions is even more challenging because everything happens in total darkness. Be careful where you walk - the are enemies everywhere. At the end, you will go head to head with the Giant 3D Beast. He is the true king. By beating him, you will be beating the entire Alien kingdom. He's nearly impossible to beat. Good luck. The world is depending on you, soldier.
This is the PRO version with all content unlocked.

Features :
  • 4 Characters to Choose from each with unique weapons 
  • High Intensity Music
  • Loaded with special effects
  • High Quality 3D Weapon Effects
  • Search the entire map to uncover app the secrets
  • Each level has 6 missions
  • 2 Big Bosses to beat at the end of each level

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