BEAT MP3 2.0 Rhythm Game v2.4.0 Mod Apk

BEAT MP3 2.0 Rhythm Game apk Mod
Dades93 - BEAT MP3 2.0 Rhythm Game Apk Mod is a music game that is very exciting for you to play on Android devices. This game is very similar to Guitar Hero. It's just in terms of graphics is still quite high compared to other music games. In this version, I've included Mod apk unlimited money. Okay just for you who want to try it, please download the BEAT MP3 2.0 Rhythm Game apk through the link below.

Description :
Including MP3 file, moreover whole of extension of music file can be supported. You can enjoyed this awesome rhythm game with your OWN music library in your mobile devices. Hit the notes at the correct time to get the highest score then share your score with your friends

BEAT MP3 2.0 Rhythm Game apk Mod

Feature of BEAT MP3 :
  • This game includes exclusive music analysis system, makes perfect beat timing looks like which song writers made it. 
  • It also has random beat system which makes different kind of game even with the same song.
  • You can enjoy the game without loading after 1st precision song analysis.
  • It’s cozy, fantastic graphic and effect, especially fever mode will make you immersed in this game. 
  • Adding ranking system with global competitor.
  • Adding search function of the song on your phone.
BEAT MP3 2.0 Rhythm Game apk Mod

Various options :
  • Linearly adjustment for difficulty
  • 9 steps speed ( 1x to 5x with 0.5 step)
  • Long note on/off function
  • Slide note on/off function
  • Beat sound on/off function
  • Support four different language(Korean,Japanese,English,Chinese)
Whats New :
  • We recommend you would better enjoy the game without charging cable, because touch pad was little bit insensible for some kind of models
  • If you have troubles after update, we recommend you would better remove then reinstall the App.

Download BEAT MP3 2.0 Rhythm Game v2.4.0 Mod Apk