Blitz Brigade Online FPS fun v1.8.2b Apk Mod Data

Blitz Brigade Online FPS fun Apk Data
Dades93 - Blitz Brigade mod apk is a game similiar to Team Fortress (PC Steam) or Respawnables. But you who have never played the easiest way is to think of the game Counter Strike, but the theme is much more casual, fun and relaxed. Blitz Brigade is divided into two main game modes, single player and multiplayer. But the multiplayer is the core of this game. That is because the single playenya not have a storyline. Single player mode is just a side where you have to survive the enemy attack with time or a predetermined wave. Play the single player mode will give you exp and gold which can also be used in multiplayer mode. So if there are no network or bored with the multiplayer mode so you can play the single player mode.

Blitz Brigade has 3D graphics quality is excellent and the design of folders is also quite extensive and detailed. I love how Gameloft insert camping places at important places so we could hang out and shoot passers-by. Looks like I have too much reviewing this game. need not linger longer, for you who want to try the excitement of Blitz Brigade apk data, please download through the link below.

Blitz Brigade Online FPS fun Apk Data

Blitz Brigade Online FPS fun Apk Data

Description :
Ready for multiplayer action? Axis or Allies, win or lose, mayo or mustard. All disputes will be decided in a FPS, Blitz Brigade!. So one of five highly skilled class and class champion and create teams with other players to hit the enemy to the ground and calling them nasty names. Finally, class-based multiplayer FPS games present on Android!

Features :
  • Up to 12 players can battle simultaneously
  • 5 classes: Warrior, shooter, Medical, sniper, skirmishers
  • Control the battlefield in Domination mode
  • Killing everyone who looks at Deathmatch
  • Use 3 different vehicles for tactical advantage
  • More than 100 weapons, each created for a specific class
  • Unique taunts and kill phrases for each character
  • Voice chat to plan in real time with teammates
  • Complete 120 unique mission
  • Learn to master the specialized expertise of each class
  • Steer the helicopter and rain death from above
  • Jump to the enemy tanks to roll
Whats New :
  • Running around the plane of the space that falls in Artika.
  • Wear Jumpers that float and send death from the sky.
  • Serpent: Pistol shooter this energy will surprise your prey.
  • Nebula: cosmic cannon that caused bleeding on all creatures affected Earth's useless.
  • Do not miss the beautiful Aurora Borealis in the skies.
Features Mod :
  • Unlimited Ammo
How to install :
  • Install apk on your devices
  • Extract then move data folder to SDcard/Android/Obb
  • Play

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