Fairy Kingdom HD v1.5.5 Apk Mod

Fairy Kingdom HD Mod Apk
Dades93 - Fairy Kingdom HD is a strategy game that you can play on your android device. Actually there is an update to version 1.5.6, but no significant change in the newest update. So you can still use the apk Mod version 1.5.5. In this version I've included Mod Unlimited apk money that can be download Fairy Kingdom HD Mod Apk via the link below.

Description :
Welcome to the world of "Fairy Kingdom" where you have to build your own city, help legendary hero with their quests, discover the secrets of long forgotten times and defeat the forces of evil with the power of love and friendship!

Story :
The story is about to begin now, and like all fairy tales begin ...

Once upon a time, there lived in a kingdom far far away a prince. On a beautiful and eventful day he went hunting in the nearest forest and met a beautiful princess. She had been captured by an old witch. He saved her and soon after that she fell in love with each other. They were only married when ...

Fairy Kingdom HD Mod Apk

Returned out of nowhere the evil witch! She came back to take their revenge on the Prince and his beautiful fiancée! She used her dark magic and turned them into stone statues! The Empire had lost its rulers and quickly fell into poverty ...

There was no one left to remember the arms of his beloved prince and. Your castle in ruins crumble and all citizens to leave the kingdom in search of a better place to live. It seemed that there was no place for happiness in these countries, more ...

Fairy Kingdom HD Mod Apk

What a lucky coincidence that brought the hope of the kingdom! A little fairy statue of Prince found and removed the curse from him! Too bad it does not work for his beloved Alice ... Now it's time for the prince and his friends to save the princess and restore the kingdom to the glory days! And it's you who will help them!

Features :
  • More than 250 different quests you tell the story of our kingdom
  • 7 unique characters who need your help and you will repay in the future
  • To discover a gigantic map with interesting places and meet mysterious stranger
  • Hundreds of awards and achievements along with useful collector sets of items waiting for you in this game
  • Retina ™ quality of the graphics and animations
  • No internet needed to play this game (except for the first start and a further update)
  • Regular updates and special offers. Challenging competitions for players in our community on Facebook.
  • Our mysterious and amusing story you play, will hold up to the very end!
Whats New :
  • Celebrate the magnificent Lovers' Day in your Kingdom! Collect valentines and send them to the Kingdom's citizens to help people in love find each other.
  • Grow wonderful and delicate flowers and use them to build a Rose House for the Kingdom's fairies to live in.
  • Decorate your Kingdom by placing a Wedding Carriage and an Altar of Flaming Hearts.
  • Craft five new ice figures of your favorite characters using ice blocks.

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