Heroes Charge v1.8.0 Apk Data Obb

Heroes Charge apk data
Dades93 - Heroes Charge is a role playing game (RPG) developed by uCool for Android and iOS gamers. Background in the world called Kron, gamers will adventures with the characters that have dangerous moves and menatikan. Another interesting thing that makes the crew KotGa play this game is a similarity of character Heroes Heroes in Charge with the Defender of the Ancient (DotA), because of the character models and his skills are very similar. No wonder if there are similarities like it, because in his home country alone, China, the title of this game is DOTA Legend. DotA fans will easily match the characters in this game with DotA just by looking at the appearance of the characters.

The objective of this game is to be the strongest. The trick is to equip a character with the recommended equipment. In order to obtain the necessary equipment, then the character must face a dangerous opponent. And equipment that normally exist at the next level, the more difficult levels. Once the character has a full combat gear, characters and even then ready to be promoted. Okey for who you want to download Heroes Charge apk data, you can download via the link below.

Heroes Charge apk data

Heroes Charge apk data

Description :
Join your friends in the best and latest action battlefield Role Play (RPG) online multiplayer, HEROES CHARGE! Collect and train heroes, collect counterparts, strengthen your hero and sweep the enemy in a thrilling game, make so enamored, and this fast paced. More than a hundred hunting that you can follow the story that YOU created. Which hero you want to choose?

Features :
  • Choose from among 50 Heroes are unique and diverse, ranging from the wrestler, agile archers, wizards and magic
  • Fight and roam through the world Kron, find rare hero, then see if you have the ability to persuade them to join you!
  • Develop and improve your skills while collecting sets of equipment to equip your hero with the power to defeat the enemy!
  • Experience fun with friends or just alone in the fight abundant
  • Integrate cooperation with friends when you fight against unions competing for the prize elite
  • Develop a strategy game and a team to conquer the world Kron
  • Establish or join a union
  • Struggling through the Arena PVP (Player Versus Player) for the gift fame!
  • Collect and develop the rare hero!
  • Fight against hordes of enemies in challenging special event!
How to install :
  • Install Apk on your devices
  • Extract then move data folder to SDcard/Android/obb
  • Play

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