Metro 2033 Wars v1.54 Apk Data

Metro 2033 Wars apk Data
Dades93 - Metro 2033 Wars is one of the first-person shooter game that uses all these mechanisms to create a spooky atmosphere and thrilling. This game is made based on the novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky. Metro 2033 uses the settings in the world that has been destroyed, in the city of Moscow. After the nuclear disaster that destroys the whole earth of the population in Moscow was forced to retreat into the underground world of Metro to be saved. It is a very exciting game for you to play. Especially if you are a fan of horror games. For information only, although Metro 2033 has an interesting appeal but there is a slight lack of which is owned by the game, especially in the case of a glitch. Okay for anyone wanting to try this game, please download Metro 2033 Wars apk Data through the link below.

Description :
Turn-based strategy game with open world of Metro 2033 Wars - a game based on the story of a fantastic book "Metro 2033". Third World War began and ended within a few hours - State exchange of nuclear attack and fall of civilizations. Contrary to the theory of destruction assured us several thousand people managed to survive in the labyrinth of underground tunnels. We organize the community and micro state, with hand fighting among themselves, and reflect the constant attacks mutated species of flora and fauna.

Metro 2033 Wars apk Data

Metro 2033 Wars apk Data

Your task using an armed detachments to seize the resources needed to survive, to repel the attacks of mutants to explore and conquer the new metro station. You have to build a fort at the station to establish diplomatic relations with its neighbors and watch out for your small state economies.

Features :
  • 189 subway stations - you choose to trade them, destroy them or bring their own;
  • 25 types of soldiers - mercenaries and enemies, each with unique fighting skills;
  • Turn-based battles with various tactics to win;
  • 24 underground groups, half of which is with you in diplomatic relations and almost everyone is ready to declare war;
  • 20 types of buildings available for construction;
  • More than 75 missions and tasks in the game universe "Metro 2033".
How to install :
  1. Install Apk on your devices
  2. Extract then move data folder to SDcard/Android/Obb
  3. Play

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