Road Cross Bloody Hell v1.3.01 Apk for Android

Dades93 - Road Cross Bloody Hell Arcade is arcade game that can be played on Android Devices. In this game you will play as in the game Zombie Death. Only if in the death zombie game you will use the car's full of weapons, then in this game you will use a regular car. Plus your job is just bumping into people who were crossing the road. Indeed, in terms of graphics this game is quite unique. You will see a screen similar to Cross Road plus blood everywhere. Maybe if this game bertampilan 3D, will make a tremendous fear for most gamers. Okay here I've included Original apk that you can download via the link below.

Description :
Do you hate pedestrians? There is a desire not to brake before moving on? Do you like blood? A lot of blood? A lot of rivers of blood? Then this game for you!. Excellent arcade game that would kill time in the subway, the service station and elsewhere.

Features :
  • Several different cities
  • Dozens of cars
  • You can play with the light of day or night
  • Unique gameplay
  • And a lot of blood

Download Road Cross Bloody Hell Arcade v1.301 Apk

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