Royal Revolt v1.6.1 Mod Data for Android

Royal Revolt  v1.6.1 Mod Data for Android
Dades93 - Royal Revolt is action game for android. This game is developed by Flaregames. Lets make your building and your soldier getting stronger than each other. You can go upgrade some building or your soldier but its use a lot of money. Killing each other and go win the war is the ways to get more gold. Dont let them destroy your building or kill the soldier. Keep them alive is the best choice/ This game have stunning 3D graphic and great sound effect. I think its so cool and fun games. You maybe can try it. So dont waste your time here lets dowload and enjoy this game.

Royal Revolt  v1.6.1 Mod Data for Android

You are a young Prince, sent by your father to learn magic at Bogsmarts, a boarding school for the spoilt and untalented aristocrat youth.
When you return after two years with a B.A. in Petty Magic, all has changed in your father’s land:
Your father has died and your ugly aunts and uncles have carved up the Kingdom among them. You throw a tantrum, but to no avail: your relatives suggest you go back to school and leave politics to the grown-ups.
But you are a man now! You sell your jeweled teddy bear, collect a few trusty soldiers and set out to KICK THE GREEDY BUSTARDS out of their castles.
Which are rightfully YOUR castles, damn it!
Royal Revolt  v1.6.1 Mod Data for Android

  • Use the simple touch controls to direct your troops
  • Employ battle magic to heal, stun or destroy
  • Upgrade your hero, knights and spells
  • Conquer all 58 castles to become King
What's new
  • Small update so the game runs on LG TVs

Download Royal Revolt  v1.6.1 Mod(Unlimited Money and Diamonds) Data for Android

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