RPG Cross Hearts Acardia v1.0.9g Apk for Android

RPG Cross Hearts Acardia v1.0.9g Apk for AndroidDades93 - RPG Cross Hearts Acardia is Role Playing Game for android. This game is developed by KEMCO_GAMES.  Lets starts adventure with a fairy and friends.  You can choose 1 from 6 character.  Every character have a different abilities, so choose your favourite ones. At this game you will get  many rare and usefull item. This game have a nice graphic and great sound effect. I think its a cool and fun  game. You maybe can try t. So dont waste your time here lets download and enjoy this game.

RPG Cross Hearts Acardia v1.0.9g Apk for Android

A great adventure between an Eng and its Algiz!
Researching an ancient ruin, Nirva hears a strange voice that leads him to an "egg" deep in the ruin which he takes home.
In time, that egg turns into a curious fairy.
The fairy named Tylt asks Nirva to travel to the Genesis Sanctuary together...
A fantasy RPG where you set off from the floating continent Nirva calls home with his mysterious fairy Tylt on an adventure to find the Genesis Sanctuary!
RPG Cross Hearts Acardia v1.0.9g Apk for Android


  • Tylt - A fairy that evolves
Tylt grows as you progress in the adventure.
Tylt's appearance and form will change with each evolution. Each change depends on a number of factors.
Try different things to see other sides of Tylt.

  • Travel together with friends
Nirva meets many unique characters that support him in various quests.
They provide support in battle and also influence Nirva's bond with Tylt.

  • Create equipment at the Forge
You can create or disassemble specific weapons at the Forges in towns and villages.
To create weapons, you must have "recipes" from people and the required materials in your inventory.
You can also get materials by disassembling unnecessary weapons.

  • Challenger's Hall
Purchase additional CHA points at the Challenger's Hall.
CHA points can be used to purchase items which include a key to enter a special dungeon where you can get rare items and other items unavailable in the main story.
Enjoy a greater adventure with in-app purchases!

What's new
  •  Performance improved on devices with higher screen resolution.

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