Space Brother v1.6 Apk for Android

Space Brother v1.6 Apk for Android
Dades93 - Space Brother is adventure game for android. This game is developed by Mountain Lion. When space becomes a battleground. At this game you will see a breathtaking visual effect and music. You maybe ca try all of the weapon because it have over 16 upgrade combination. Lets try brand new game mode. You need to clear out all of enemy and keep yourself alive because  the space is hard. This game have stunning grapchic, great sound effect and detail particle effect. I think its a cool game. You maybe can try it. So dont waste your time here lets download and enjoy this game.

Space Brother v1.6 Apk for Android

Every scumbag with a ship wants to take over the galaxy these days!
Join legendary bounty hunters, the Punk Brothers, as they take on the scum of the galaxy. Jump on board their huge Mothership and shoot your way to victory! Defend against waves of enemies in the latest exciting adventure from Mountain Lion Games.Smash the Space Nazis before they have chance to spread their evil over peaceful planets!Deal out the justice that the evil Stars & Stripes Alliance richly deserve.Defeat the Shenfeng Union before they can invade the whole galaxy!Protect the intergalactic highway from Rotate Devil and his horde of space pirates.
Space Brother v1.6 Apk for Android

  • An arsenal of 13 devastating weapons across three types - Machine Guns, Laser Guns and even Heavy Artillery. You’re going to need them all to defeat your enemies!
  • An innovative upgrade system that allows you to customise your Mothership across five branches. Choose your own upgrade path and turn her into an invincible juggernaut.
  • Over a dozen diverse enemies, each with their own unique skills, will test you throughout the game. Keep your finger on the trigger if you want to beat them all!
  • Challenging boss battles against some of the galaxy’s toughest foes.
  • Adventure and rewards are waiting for you! Come and join the Space Brothers!
What's new
  • fix the bug in level 51.
  • optimized the interface of daily task.

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