The Fear v1.3 Apk Premium for Android

The Fear v1.3 Apk Premium for AndroidDades93 - The Fear is adventure game for android. This game is developed by Genetic Entertainment. Its like another horror game but its still fun and amazing. You need to find some clue to know who is the murderer. Keep survive and go alice. You need go adventure at the scary place and find another clue and make hipotesa. Then you can find the answer.  This game have stunning 3D graphic and great sound effect. I think its a cool game. You maybe can try it. So dont waste yur time here lets download and enoy this game.

The Fear v1.3 Apk Premium for Android

Your wife and daughter have been murdered by a killer. When you came to the your house, you saw your family's corpses. The killer still was in the your house. You wanted to revenge for your family. And you have begun to find that killer. 
But don't forget this; it's a murder which is planned before! The killer made traps for you. Because of this, you must be careful and you have to do everything at any cost for your family. 
Find him before he find you first because he is always one step ahead of you!
The Fear v1.3 Apk Premium for Android

  • Deeply affecting story
  • High graphics
  • High quality musics and sound effects
  • Fearful and tension atmosphere
  • 5 units map
  • Easy and learn to easy controls
  • Changeable graphics (fastest, fast, simple, good, beautiful, fantastic)
  • Get rid of the traps made by murderer
  • Plug in your headphones if you want to be scared
  • The murderer has left notes for you, find them and the murdere
Whats new
  • Added easy touch control
  • Bugs fixed
  • New high graphics
  • Added beginning training

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