Viking Stomp v2.1.66 Mod Apk

Viking Stomp v2.1.66 Mod Apk
Dades93 - Viking Stomp Mod Apk is an arcade game that you can play on your android device. This game tells the story of a viking who fought at sea and island areas of ice. Maybe you are not familiar with the game on this one. Yes because the Vikings Stomp apk actually is a new game that is not too popular. But in terms of the quality of the game and gameplay, this game is very impressive. With a minimalist layout view and unique character design, make this game worth for you to try. In this version I've included mod apk unlimited Money and Mushroom. Well for you who want to try the excitement of this game, please download the Viking Stomp Apk Mod through the link below.

Description :
Exciting mythical world of Mighty Vikings welcomes every worthy warrior. Grab your battle axe and join your crew on the Drakkar! Viking Stomp is waiting for you! Hold numerous battles in the midst of the ice lands, green valleys or even on the deck of the Drakkar! Lead your men and use their skills wisely. Everyone has their own special abilities and it is up to you to learn them all!

Viking Stomp v2.1.66 Mod Apk

Viking Stomp v2.1.66 Mod Apk

Whats New :
  • Vikings got the power of their gods! Find runic stones in the magic chests and use them in battles.
  • Well-known characters appeared in new appearance! Now your warriors have new stats and start to use their equipment differently.
  • Regular combats are half the battle! Explore dungeons and receive reward which is worthy of a great warrior.
  • Prove your superiority and take part in PvP – battles! Only the ace of aces is worthy to be the best in the Tournament!

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