War of Tanks Clans Apk v1.1.12

War of Tanks Clans apk
Dades93 - War of Tanks Clans is a strategy game that is very cool for you to play on android. In this game gamers will play the famous tank cars of World War II. Gamers plunge into battle with three tanks, more and more gamers battle won, the more famous tanks that gamers open like: PzKpfw II Luchs or legendary Churchill tanks. Each tank consists of 4 separate parts that can be upgraded, they are: top turret, chassis, tank shell, and weapon. The new upgrade after gamers will be able to win the battle, but keep in mind that the tanks have been upgraded will be difficult to restore it to its original state. Therefore gamers require ingenuity to arrange tanks belonging to gamers in battle. Okey for you who want to try the thrill of the game War of Tanks Clans apk, please download via the link below

Description :
War of Tanks: Clans is the new sequel to one of the most addicting games to hit the android game market, War of Tanks. Test your mettle in one of the best tank games online!

War of Tanks Clans apk

War of Tanks Clans apk

As players win more tank wars, they unlock 30 historical WW2 tanks, from the manoeuvrable Pzkpfw II Luchs, to the legendary heavy Churchill. Each tank is uniquely customizable, consisting of 4 separate modules (top turret, chassis, tank shell, and weapon) all which can be upgraded with 4 modifications.

Features :
  • Take command of a war tanks brigade in a fierce battle on the front lines, with up to three tanks at once. 
  • Players can choose from 5 different modes of play, with both single player options and play online games with friends. 
  • Campaign – A sequence of eight campaigns, which go through all stages of WWII.
  • Quick Battle – A battle with other players online. Players can gain rating points and secure a spot on the leaderboards. 
  • Raid – Players will have to win six battles in a row. If victorious, they can receive unique prizes, from new modifiers to blueprints of new tanks. 
  • Operation – Players join a clan to fight other players. Overall success depends on the actions of all the players in the clan. 
  • Clan Wars – PvP battle between clans where strategy is just as important as fighting prowess.

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