A Little War v1.6.0 Apk Mod for Android

A Little War apk mod
Dades93 - A Little War is a war game based real time strategy. In this game, you will crave deep mind, because you're told to draw up a strategy to face a strong opponent. A Little War has good graphics superiority and battlefield more diverse. In this game you can see a lot of buildings were destroyed and some new tricks for the army. With slick graphics and varied battlefield, as well as setting the battlefield is like really a war, you would like invited to become combatants who risked their lives to win the battle. For you who want to download this game, you can download a little war mod apk via link below.

Description :
A greater war is going to break out,pick up your sword to defend your home!!
You are a national hero, but the evil dragons attack your home with groups of orcs.
The only thing you can do is to pick up sword,attack all enemy and defend your homeland. Fight for your home,fight for justice.

A Little War apk mod

A Little War apk mod

Features :
  • Fight with 100 soldiers 
  • 6 different skills, chances change situation 
  • fast and intense battle
How to Play :
  • You are a hero handed with justice sword, lead all soldiers to fight 
  • Soldiers have three branches, sword-soldiers,gun-soliders and hammer soldiers 
  • Among the three branches,sword-soldiers resist gun-soliders,gun-soliders resist hammer soldiers and hammer soldiers resist sword-soldiers 
  • Soldiers can be lifted level, and with more power 
  • Heroes can upgrade the vitality, attack, defense, speed, attack speed, the number of troops, more power,more stronger 
  • 6 skills which can change the situation and at the same time to consume magic power 
  • Goddess will show up to help you 
  • The elf will also appear in the battle , just click the elf to get more gold coins 
  • More 100 levels to be challenge

Download A Little War v1.6.0 Apk Mod for Android