Angel Avenger 3D Apk Mod v1.5

Angel Avenger 3D Mod apk
Dades93 - Angel Avenger 3D is an action game develop by MazeGame premium. This game has amazing graphics is nice and has a brand of 3D Combat Mode. Besides this game multilingual support which means players from various countries can play together without any hindrance in terms of language. As with other action games, here you can raise the level of your character and also buy equipment that can add to the strength of character that you play. This game is very fun to play multiplayer. Plus effects and graphics are simply stunning. In this version I have included the mod apk unlimited money. Okay for you who want to try the thrill of the game Angel Avenger 3D Mod apk, please download the game via the link below.

Description :
Zergs Comings adopts a brand new 3D combat mode to make battles more vivid. Players grow stronger with more powerful skills and more types of weapons, while monsters also become fiercer, more dangerous and challenging. After paying a painful cost, humans finally eridicated zerg from the earth.But to end the disaster, humans must destroy zerg’ dens on other planet. So, our heroes step on a new journey.

Angel Avenger 3D Mod apk

Angel Avenger 3D Mod apk

Features :
  • Unity engine offers a brand new 3D combat mode.
  • With multilingual versions, it can meet demands of players in different regions.
  • The improved combat skill system makes you stronger.
  • The combat system is further improved and movement mix is smoother.
  • Weapons of more types provide more choices to you in quests.
  • Optimized performance brings a better manipulating experience to players.
  • Various strong Bosses make quests more challenging.
  • Elaborate scenarios bring a better visual experience.
  • More and stronger Bosses are waiting for your challenge.
  • Various types of weapons are available, providing you with different combat experiences.
Features Mod :
  • Unlimited Money
Whats new :
  • Optimize tablet device.
  • Add weapon fittting function.

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