AstroWings2 Legend of Heroes v1.7.14 Apk Mod Data

AstroWings2 Legend of Heroes mod apk
Dades93 - AstroWings2 Legend of Heroes mod apk is arcade game that has exciting gameplay. To play this game AstroWings2 Android devices you should always be connected to the Internet network (Online). You can Login as a guest or Login with Facebook account, in order to back up the data if you want to play games on other Android devices. It may not be wrong to compare this game with the game Sky Force, only graphics and gameplay game seems much more complete this AstroWings2. Survival game mode, as much as possible we pass enemy aircraft and fly a plane far-away. Each certain distance there will be a Boss monster that we should also opposed certain distance and each will open a new location that could be used as a check point to start a new game if it is Game Over. In addition to having an exciting gameplay, players can also build aircraft respectively. At the beginning of the game there is a shopping menu in which players can buy some aircraft parts such as Body, Wing, Sub-Wing, etc. Overall the game is pretty good, but unfortunately must always be connected to the Internet network. Let's download this game via link below.

AstroWings2 Legend of Heroes mod apk

AstroWings2 Legend of Heroes mod apk

Description :
Fly to a mysterious island, where mystical monsters and fearsome bosses await you!. AstroWings series returns brandishing a full, 3D dynamic shooter: Legend of Heroes!. What are you waiting for? Jump into the game now to fight your way through hordes of mythical creatures that block your path!

Features :
  • Build your own unique aircraft! You create it, you pilot it!
  • Hundreds of different combinations possible with parts combination
  • Strengthen, customize, and paint your aircraft to your liking
  • Begin your adventure on the fantastical island!
  • Assault numerous islands with various monsters and bosses
  • Challenge yourself with the increasing difficulty of the stages
  • Play with your Facebook friends
  • Visit the your friends’ hangars and check out their aircraft
  • Open the Lucky Box and receive great rewards from your friends every day!
  • Unlike any other shooters out there
  • Avoid fully 3D rendered obstacles while conquering the skies
  • Fully integrated with Game Center to allow for competitive play among your friends
What's New :
  • Integrate Bug report into Q&A
  • Fix minor bugs founded

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