Bladelords Apk Data v1.0b for Android

Bladelords apk data
Dades93 - Bladelords actually a bit more complex than a fighting game but its core remained practically fighting game like Street Fighter or Tekken. But it is not too much movement and is quite simple to do. On the left there is a virtual D-Pad buttons and on the right there are 3 buttons: A, B and S. kombonya system is quite good although not too much variation but at least you could do some combos, for example, you can launch an attack from the air with with 3 ground attack. You can also throw the enemy (throw) to approach the pressing direction with A or B.

Another element in this game is a adventure with simulation. You will undergo a fight with the system mission after mission. You will be presented with a map where you can choose the mission that will give you gold. Gold can be used to buy a new sword or equipment that will strengthen your character in terms of the amount of HP, defense and attack. Aside from the equipment you can also upgrade your character's status as the rising level. There will be a brief interlude stories in each mission, although I have to say the story is not very interesting. If you are interested in playing this game, please download Bladelords apk data via the link below.

Bladelords apk data

Bladelords apk data

Description :
Reveal your inner fighter in this 3D fighting game! Play up to 16 fighters and upgrade their equipment and abilities. Challenge real players worlwide. Defeat hundreds of enemies. Show to everyone that there is no blade in this world that has any secret for you!

In an old empire set between Western middle-age and Japanese universes, a dark power is rising again to take over the world. The empire's destiny is in your hands. Start your journey across the 4 lands of the empire, gather the strongest fighters, and train them to unlock incredible fighting and magic powers. Grab your sword NOW and become the ultimate Blade Lord!

Live a complete new fighting game experience with Bladelords! Fight with the original fighters cast, or choose among 10 brand new heroes : the Dark Knight, Saya, Cassia, Heishiro, Gargoyle, Eirin, Amane and much more! With them, fight your way in an Asian and medieval environment powered by the Unreal Engine 3!

Features :
  • Free to play 
  • New multiplayer mode
  • 16 fighters to play with and many more to come with regular updates 
  • Specific combos and attacks for each fighter 
  • Stunning visuals and environments thanks to the Unreal Engine 3 
  • Different game modes to discover Bladelords : the Daily Chaos Portal, the Arena, the Tower of Infinity timed fights and numerous missions 
  • Upgrade your fighters to make them reach their full potential 
  • Get the arcade sensations back 
  • Intuitive controls
How to install :
  1. Install Apk
  2. Put part 1 & 2 in same folder
  3. Extract then move data folder to Sdcard/Android/Obb
  4. Play

Download Bladelords Apk Data v1.0b for Android