Kairobotica Apk v1.0.9 for Android

Kairobotica Apk
Dades93 - Kairobotica is an arcade game made by developer Kairosoft. The uniqueness of Kairobotica is this game incorporates various genres that have been issued by the previous Kairosoft. The story you are going to be a provider of security services, but the scale of galaxies. As with other Kairosoft games Kairobotica divided into two major parts, the first is a simulation of the city where you have to build a city with many attractions and the second is the battle between robots with criminals or whatever is required by your client. For you who want to download this game, you can download Kairobotica Apk via link below.

Description :
In a galaxy not so far away, miscreants and monsters are wreaking havoc, and it's up to everyone's favorite mechanical mascot to dole out a heaping helping of bot-kicking justice! And he's bringing an army of his Kairobotic brethren to do it.

Kairobotica Apk

Kairobotica Apk

In this new spacefaring sim, you command the Kairobot Corps, a state-of-the-art brigade of mass-produced guardians of galactic peace. Heed calls for help to patrol planets and vanquish villains to build your reputation as the most elite interstellar security force this side of the Andromeda!

Between missions, upgrade your mobile colony from shields to shops and you may attract inquisitive spacetrotters from unexplored planets. You can even exhibit animals captured on patrol. Can you catch them all?

Additional Information :
  • Name : Kairobotica
  • Vendor : Kairosoft
  • Version : 1.0.9
  • Platform : Android
  • Genre : Arcade
  • File Size : 6MB
  • File Type : Apk

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