Magazine Mogul Apk v1.0.4 for Android

Magazine Mogul Apk v1.0.4 for Android
Dades93 - Magazine Mogul is simulation game for android. This game is developed by Kairosoft Co.,Ltd. Its a simulation game that will give you a mindblow. You will be a journalism and make some report then sell it to public. Make a litle team to make it easier and handle all of the magazine project. This game have unique graphic and great sound effect. Its a business, every thing. You should make a note in sending an employee , if not then they will get bored and the quality of our magazine will be decreaseThis is a cool and fun games. ou maybe can try it. So dont waste your time here lets download and enjoy this game.

Magazine Mogul Apk v1.0.4 for Android

Take charge of your own magazine! It's up to you to turn heads and help your community grow through the power of the press!
It all starts with compelling coverage. Brainstorm story ideas and angles with your editorial team, then deploy staff to put those ideas into print. Hit the streets for info and you just might snag the hottest scoop of the year!
Wider circulation means better publicity and tourism for your town, so win new readers over with fresh and interesting features! Keep it up and the mayor may headhunt you to assist with urban planning, relying on you for advice on public projects, events, and even what businesses to invite into town.
A small local magazine can make a big difference! Do you have what it takes to become a magazine mogul?
Magazine Mogul Apk v1.0.4 for Android

  • You will be in control of an editor of a magazine that focuses on the city community activities around 
  • You will begin to see the relationship between magazines that you make with business activities around to the city's economy . 
  • Forming a specific group of readers to control the market and is very influential on the target market 
  • Finances of the department of urban development for various projects and also build a variety of industries such as food and tourism .
How to instal
  1. Instal Apk at your android device
  2. Play and enjoy it

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