Magica X Magica Apk Premium v1.0

Magica X Magica apk

Dades93 - Magica X Magica is an arcade game that tells the journey of a young girl to save his friend. Here you will help the girl running in the endless corridors while shooting at the monsters who try to block. The endless runner game has a bit of RPG elements with the ability to perform various upgrades girl capabilities. Packaged in anime style graphics. Magica X Magica is one of the endless runner game that you should play. In this version i've included Apk Pro Premium. For you who want to try this game, you could downlaod Magica X Magica apk premoim v1.0 via link below.

Description :
The saddest run shooting game in the world from Magiccube. An odd world in the tangled time. She'll dare any danger for her kidnapped friend.

"I promise, I will rescue you."

The little girl runs the end of the endless corridor to keep the promise.

Magica X Magica apk

Magica X Magica apk

  • Simple controls
  • A beautiful fairy tale
  • Dreamlike and Fantastic arts
  • 8 Different weapons
  • Various and Characterful monsters
  • Various challenging missions
  • Mighty bosses
Whats New :
  • Chaned the monsters' HP
  • Chaned a BGM
  • Improved the character's attack
  • Improved a mount of the gain of game money

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