Marble Legend - Zuma Apk v2.8.037

Marble Legend - Zuma apk v2.8.037
Dades93 - Marble Legend is a strategy game zuma latest version that can be play on android devices. This game is perfect for leisure. This game has been downloaded diplay Area stores 10m - 50m. Way to resolve it was too easy, simply equate the ball with color alone. The further stages to accomplish the game will be more difficult and you also have to mempermudah.Game stance is very easy to play, you can simply click the ball only then will issue a ball. For those of you who want to try the excitement of the game Zuma, please Download Marble Legend - Zuma apk v2.8.037 via the link below.

Description :
Marble Legend is a brand new and amazing zuma-style game!. For the legendary treasure, you have to survive over six secret scenes in adventure mode. Complete all the levels in challenge mode, and try to get three stars in each level!. Now, practice your game skills in this puzzle adventure!!

Marble Legend - Zuma apk v2.8.037

Marble Legend - Zuma apk v2.8.037

Features :
  • Easy to learn but hard to game master.
  • Many secret maps to make the game more addictive.
  • Two game modes and many challenging levels.
  • Arrows, bombs and more interesting props you should learn from game.
How to play :
  1. Shooting to match three or more colored balls.
  2. Tap on the transmitter can swapping the current ball and the next ball.
  3. Boost your score with power-ups and combos.

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