RPG Izanagi Online MMORPG Apk Data v1.3.0

RPG Izanagi Online MMORPG Apk Data
Dades93 - RPG Izanagi Online MMORPG is an action-RPG MMO game with a fantasy theme of feudal Japan, where the action ninjas coupled with setting the location of the modern world. According to the theme, the Izanagi Online you are allowed to choose one of four types of ninja classes, each of which has a special ability that is different. For you who like to attack the enemy frontally, ninja classes such as Warrior and Assassin is a great choice for you. For you who like the support activities such as healing and buffs you can choose the ninja class Cleric. Meanwhile, if you like ninjutsu attacks remotely the Mage is the right class for you. You can download RPG Izanagi Online MMORPG Apk Data via link below.

Description :
Full scale role playing game with over 100 quests each with great volume can be enjoyed.
Pick your class from Assassin, Mage, Cleric or Warrior and enjoy the world of ninja action!

RPG Izanagi Online MMORPG Apk Data

RPG Izanagi Online MMORPG Apk Data

Breathtaking actions with the best graphics: Storyline quests!. Over 100 storyline quests await you in your adventure. Travel through the world meeting unique characters, that will help you and betray you at times. As you proceed on your journey, time will come for you to seek the mysteries of the world, confronting heavy decision makings.

Classes and skills to enhance your battle experience!/Players can choose from the following 4 classes. Each class has its original skills with numerous combinations to expand how you battle. Team up with other players online to enhance your battle experience.

Character :
  • ASSASSIN Trick enemies with attacks, speed and skills. Special Action: Dodge.
  • CLERIC Heals teammates' LIFE Special Action: Barrier
  • MAGE Attack enemies with destructive Ninjutsu. Special Action: Charge
  • WARRIOR Tough as a tank. Secure teammates' safety by taking enemy attacks. Special Action: Guard

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