Zombie Scrapper v1.10 Apk for Android

Zombie Scrapper v1.10 Apk for Android
Dades93 - Zombie Scrapper  is action game for android. This game is developed by Ransacked Studios . Lets survive at the massive zombies. Complete all of th achievement to become a master of zombies. You can customize your appearance with 12 awesome hats. Lets face them with your strongest weapon and items. You need to pass 36 levels to end this game and that is not easy. Prepare yourself for it.. You can play it with all of your friend in LAN modes.  This game have stunning cartoon graphic and great sound effect.  I think its a cool and fun games. So dont waste your time here lets download and enjoy this game.

Zombie Scrapper v1.10 Apk for Android

Zombie Scrapper is a twin stick shooter that will test your survival skills! Battle through an onslaught of zombies; not just your regular undead horde, but also fast, beefy and even exploding zombies! Be sure to collect as much scrap as you can to even the odds in this intense zombie thriller!
Zombie Scrapper v1.10 Apk for Android

  • Battle through a campaign of 36 undead infested levels, from urban areas to top secret facilities!
  • Make your mark on the leaderboards in 12 endless survival levels!
  • Take the fight to the zombies by unlocking all 34 unique weapons and items!
  • Overcome the horde by learning 12 zombie survivor skills!
  • Become a Zombie Scrapper master by completing all 14 achievements!
  • Customize your appearance with 12 awesome hats!
  • Survive with your friends in LAN multiplayer, but watch your back if they fall! (Beta, Survival)
What's new
  • Zombie Scrapper 1.10 Release!
  • Improvements:
  • Performance Improvements!
  • Fix some minor UI bugs
  • Added some Missing SFXs
  • Known Issues:
  • Multiplayer in Beta only supports survival (Improvements Coming Soon!)

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