Airworld v1.22 Mod Apk Android

airworld mod apk
Dades93 - Airworld mod apk is an arcade game for android where you will play a character with the environment above the clouds. Playing alongside the dragon and fly like a plane that is what you will find in this game. Although this game has not updated by the developer, but still shows a strong side in the gameplay. Not only raising a dragon, but you can also adventure around the space and through all the challenges of nature you. You will love this game. Try it and feel the sensation of flying above the clouds.

Description :
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live on magic flying islands and ride a cute dragon? Download the Airworld to feel the magic of discovery. It is fun and FREE! The game is a fusion of farming and rpg games. You will have to work hard to solve quests, starting from simple collecting tasks and taming of adorable creatures to uncovering hidden magic treasures in unusual areas and repairing broken items. You need to find all parts of the Sun Amulet and all treasures of the ancient dragon.

airworld mod apk

airworld mod apk

We add extra challenging quests, achievements, artifacts or items with each update. You can decorate your magic islands with the cutest objects and share your beautiful world with your friends on Facebook.

Features :
  • Stunning graphics 
  • Fairy soundtrack
  • Addictive gameplay
  • No internet connection is required!
What's New :
  • Hot fixes (workbench, mines)
  • New islands, dungeons and mine update, improved skies
  • Workbench and new decorations in the shop
  • Daily rewards and promo-codes (you can find it at facebook or twitter)
  • Diary and graphic interface improvements

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