WhatsAppMD v2.11.481 Apk for Android

WhatsAppMD Apk
Dades93 - WhatsAppMD Apk (Material Design Mod) is a modification of the WhatsApp application for Android which has a privilege that comes with a new design. WhatsAppMD performed with design material (material design) are fresh, in accordance with the trend of Android Lollipop. This application will make use WhatsApp chat activity you become noticeably different and fun because you will be presented with a very pretty.

Earlier this year into a historic year for Android because Android Lollipop, which is the latest version of the operating system from Google that will begin to spread to many smartphones on the market. Equipped with Material Design makes a version of Android 5.0 code looks more fresh and more modern.

On the other hand, to offer users WhatsApp, certainly a lot of it is bored with the appearance of it-that's all. Therefore, this time Jake will tell you how to combine WhatsApp with the cool Material Design.

WhatsAppMD Apk

WhatsAppMD Apk

How to use WhatsAppMD :
  1. Previously, backup first chat that has been stored in your device through Settings> Chat Settings> Backup Conversations. This step is important because this will remove your WhatsApp long and keep each of your important chat in order to still there.
  2. Remove WhatsApp that you have on a smartphone.
  3. Download and install WhatsAppMD through the download link below this post.
  4. Open the WhatsAppMD and do register, simply by entering the telephone number you are active. If so, then the option to restore the chat which has been previously backed up will appear.
  5. WhatsApp with view Android Lollipop material typical design is ready for you to use.

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