Glider Soar the Skies v1.3 Apk Data

glider soar the skies apk
Dades93 - Glider Soar the Skies apk is an simulation game of airplanes that has a high-quality graphics. In this game you can feel the sensation of being a pilot who traveled the world using airplane. Indeed, this game has a gameplay similar to other simulator game. However, if viewed in terms of graphics, you will be pampered with a 3D display that is very intriguing. All effects, aircraft, until the earth looks very realistic. However, to play this game, you need a high specification device. Okay for those of you who want to try the thrill of becoming a pilot, please download the game Glider Soar the Skies via the link below.

Description :
Glider - Soar the Skies utilizes the upcoming Flight Unlimited 2K16 flight engine. Experience mobile flight simulation like never before. Glider features some of the most advanced graphics in mobile gaming.

Soar over the hills of Switzerland and climb the ranks as you locate thermals in an attempt to stay aloft the longest. Fly along the edge of the hills and share the thermals with the eagles that inhabit the area. Observe detailed scenery as you become part of the world of glider pilots.

Glider flying requires you to utilize the weather to your advantage as apposed to flying through it. Master the art of glider flying and soar for hundreds of miles without any fuel.

glider soar the skies apk

glider soar the skies apk

Features :
  • Advanced graphics never before seen in mobile flight simulation
  • Realistic flight model based on real world physics calculations
  • Thermals that cover the landscape
  • Two different time of day modes
  • Virtual cockpit with glass reflections
  • Flight leaderboard
Note :
  • This game features high quality graphics and requires a top tier device
How to install :
  • Install apk on your device
  • Extract then move data folder to SDcard/Android/Obb
  • Play

Download Glider Soar the Skies v1.3 Apk Data