BackStab 1.2.8d Mod Apk Data

backstab mod apk
Dades93 - Backstab apk mod is an action-adventure game that tells the story of Henry Blake was a British soldier who committed treason when his friend Kane conspired with Spain. Gameloft raised this game with a model that is similar to Assassin's Creed, a game popular attention of many people, but the theme such as Pirates of the Caribbean. This game has graphics that is almost similar to the game Grand Theft Auto. OK for you who want to try the thrill of this game, please download via the link below this post.

Description :
Play as Henry Blake, a broken man, and help him in his quest for justice and revenge. Climb, jump and sneak in various environments to reach your target and eliminate the enemy. Use your skills in combat and combo system to defeat your rival and all those who will get in your way. Freely explore a gigantic island, stroll through its beautiful 3D landscapes and immerse yourself in a fascinating and realistic NPCs with impressive, each with its own voice. An unprecedented and original blockbuster smartphone.

backstab mod apk

backstab mod apk

Features BackStab:
  • Discover a blockbuster with stunning graphics, history and unique infinite content.
  • Experience an action-packed adventure in open environments, with elaborate fight sequences, phases of platform and more.
  • Experience a story full of action, betrayal and revenge.
  • Play as a lone killer has nothing to lose and whose sole purpose is to take revenge.
  • Use agility, strength and cunning to take over your rivals, eliminate them quickly and escape.
  • Master the combo system and kill those who stand between you and your target.
  • For the 1st time on Android, explore a beautiful Caribbean island 18th century.
  • Immerse yourself in a world with realistic NPCs with unique voice.
  • Stroll through an island wide to exotic landscapes in 3D: jungle, beach, volcano, etc..
  • Explore 4 unique cities to find new quests and new secrets.

Mod by Riu - Alphagamers :
  • Enemies do not attack
  • God mode (Does not prevent instant death)
  • Infinite grenades
  • Gold multiplier
  • Infinite ammo
  • Infinite items
  • No wanted level
  • Walk through pedestrians
  • 1 hit kill
  • Can always jump
  • Full DRM bypass*
  • Full file check bypass

  1. This game need android 5.0 up
  2. U should download this game via pc. Or u can use winrar for android to open the zip, then move all files on same folder and extract part 1.

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