Cartoon Survivor 1.0 Mod Apk (Money)

Cartoon Survivor mod apk
Dades93 - Cartoon Survivor mod apk is an adventure game running with a cool theme and visual graphics are very unique. This game tells the story of a television producer who was having problems in terms of ratings, the show survival being cultivated now being dropped severely. And worse, he has also lost the artist in the event. But everything changed when the Doo Doo came to apply in lieu of the event artists. And the adventure begins Doo Doo the birds in playing its role on the show Survivor Cartoon.

Gameplay from the game Cartoon Survivor apk is arguably very exciting. You are assigned to assist Doo Doo the bird to reach the finish before the time runs out, but during the trip, you will be faced with a bizarre enemies and diverse, ranging from dinosaurs, carnivorous plants, and other wild animals. Not only that, sometimes you will find obstacles that suddenly appear from the bottom or the top, thus making the birds die instantly. Intend to give it a try? please download this game via the link below the post.

Cartoon Survivor mod apk

Cartoon Survivor mod apk

Description :
Cartoon Survivor is a vibrant 3D adventure runner set in a dynamic prehistoric world. You must run, jump and glide your way through hazardous obstacle courses full of feisty creatures like dinosaurs, mammoths, tigers and snakes. Can you help Doo Doo the Dodo bird get to the finish line before time runs out?

Doo Doo, cartoon’s bravest idiot, contests the gaming world’s ultimate challenge; Cartoon Survivor. He must survive 23 levels of death defying fun running through hostile prehistoric environments before the dynamite strapped to his back explodes.

Following the demise of his last ‘hero’, Doo Doo is the Producer’s last chance to find a star to restore the ratings. By taking up the challenge and helping Doo Doo complete Cartoon Survivor’s obstacle course, you will be rewarded with hours of fun game play and cool characters. Cartoon Survivor is brought to you by Spunge Games, a Liquid Animation Games Studio.

Features :
  • EXPLORE four incredible prehistoric worlds
  • STUNNING colorful HD visuals
  • DISCOVER hidden paths and caves
  • CUSTOMIZE your character with a huge range of costumes
  • UNLOCK super powered helmets
  • COLLECT trophies and rewards
  • RUN, JUMP and GLIDE your way to glory
  • COMPETE via Game Center leaderboards and achievements 
  • RECORD and post your runs online via Everyplay video posts
  • NOSTALGIC retro gameplay and fun!

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