Drift Girls 1.0.40 Mod Apk (Anti Ban)

drift girls mod apk
Dades93 - Drift Girls mod apk is the world's first game that combines racing simulation genre dating aimed at mobile users based on iOS and Android. In this game, you can follow the drift of one by one race against other players from around the world. For those of you who managed to win the race and managed to attract the attention of beautiful women, then you will get a chance to ask her.

Drift Girls apk mod also allows players to modify vehicles cars, ranging from display to performance. The money that you get from the victory could also be used to give a gift or invite the beautiful woman desired. Okay for you who like the racing game as well hentai, please download the game via the link below the post.
Description :
Enter drag races against players from around the world. Don't let the fast-paced life of a street racer burn you out. Pull yourself away from the diesel-spewing dragsters to hang out with your favorite girls. The top drifters get the hottest girls, so take the time to tune your engine with nitro extension bursts and road hugging tire upgrades. Drift in your dream car, date your dream girl, and put them together in Drift Girls!

drift girls mod apk

drift girls mod apk

Learn to love the magic of two genres merged into one beautiful work of art. Drift from dates to races as you get digits from all of the sexy Drift Girls. Race in the most wanted cars and become the racer the Drift Girls need to love. Shift gears away from the pack of dirty dragsters looking to take you down to the beautiful Drift Girls looking for a racer who knows how to slow down. Learn the art of seduction when dating these diverse and beautiful babes! Customize your ride and buy gifts to keep your girls happy and prove yourself a top player. Drift Girls presents racers with the chance to become the world's best racer and the world's best lover all in one tight package!

Features Drift Girls :
  • Burn up the track with bursts of nitro! 
  • Date the hottest girls who love to drift! 
  • Slam the shift gear when drifting into each turn and push your car to the limit! 
  • Break out on the drag strip and watch the women flock to yourself a king of the streets. 
  • Go out with fascinating women of the world! Visit the dog park with the zoologist one night and seduce the dangerous detective in a upscale bar. 
  • Each girl is as unique as each race, and you'll need to pay attention to keep them happy. A happy Drift Girl will improve your performance on the race track dramatically! 
  • Avoid the drama, hit the curves, and start racing today!

Mod by DaiCaVN - Alphagamers :
  • Better Drift (Missed, Great and Perfect)
  • Anti-ban (not tested)

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