Gunship Helicopter Air Battle 1.0 Mod Apk

Gunship Helicopter Air Battle mod apk
Dades93 - Gunship Helicopter Air Battle mod apk is an action game that has a semi-RPG gameplay. In this game you will feel the atmosphere of real war. You will move the helicopter and fight against various enemies such as soldiers, warships and fighter jets. You can also modify the helicopter with various weapons and machine gun. This game is worth to try. Okay please download this game via the link below the post.

Description :
This is the first shooting game. Where users have an important mission to complete. Competing with one brutal enemies who play war games with each country. In this age of fire, everyone suffers the consequences.

Military helicopters, fighter planes they attack public places. Attacking your country with heavy machinery and make every place is a war zone. Your king just wants to save his own kingdom and his throne, did not think about ordinary people. Alliances with other countries to no avail. Fire ignorance will affect all. In this clash of power everyone seems hopeless. It is the call of modern warfare and the monster attacks. Enemy warship was on the beach and more troops are on their way.

Gunship Helicopter Air Battle mod apk

Gunship Helicopter Air Battle mod apk

You are alone in this field because you have become ruler diamond diggers and it's not a secret anymore, protect your countrymen of brutal army, attacking everyone. Equipped with machine guns and rocket launchers latest, you need to destroy the convoy, Humvees, tanks and helicopters enemy towards foursquare. There is a wave after wave that will not let you settle. Losing this battle is not acceptable, you have to win at any cost. Your mission has been defined as "Helicopter Battle".

Features :
  • Some Weapons
  • Various Armors to protect
  • Kit Medical
  • Water Strike
  • Enemies With combat helicopters, humvees, Tank
  • Mission Challenging
  • Machine Gun and RPG upgrade
  • Control Optimized
  • Amazing 3D environments
  • Real Sound effects

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