Luna Chronicles 1.0 Build 16 Mod Apk (Massive Attack)

Luna Chronicles

Dades93 - Luna Chronicles mod apk is a Turn-based RPG strategy game the most stable i've ever played. This game has a pretty good quality graphics and interesting gameplay. There are many characters with special abilities of each and various unique items that you can use to eradicate all the enemies there. For a great hero tips and tips for playing this game, I have included below. Okay for you who want to try this game, please download via the link below this post.

Game Features :
  • Get a taste of the turn-based battle!
  • Thou shalt covet the gold! Siege RPG!
  • Rise to the top with your favorite character!
  • Shattering typical class barriers!
  • Create your own class through ‘Skill Books’ with varying stats!

Some Tips for Unit Heroes :
  • Noum : Atk aura, Skill 1 kasih bleed, skill 2 -atk
  • Wooden : Def aura, tanker
  • Flora : Double healing skill

Another Tips for Gameplay :
  • Daily Dungeon 5x every day, except Sunday 10x, 5 right-left
  • Hell every day total 9x, easy normal hard for search gem evo
  • Siege Battle, better gather up gold in the market full -> beat siege battle looking buff 5 = 150% (Optionally, forget exactly) grab gold in the new market
  • Arena, if it is not the most powerful looking just right, usually the easiest level + the front of his name is the word "user xxx" seems to generate game results, his hero is very strong. Better avoided.
  • Note, finish everything before reset.

Download Luna Chronicles 1.0 Build 16 Mod Apk (Massive Attack)