Oddwings Escape 1.5.1 Mod Apk

Oddwings Escape apk mod
Dades93 - Oddwings Escape apk mod is the first mobile game products marketed by the studio team based in Helsinki, Finland. For the initial impression, I was quite amused with audiovisual quality offered by this arcade game.

This free game is able to provide light entertainment with quality equivalent to the gaming console. Blend of quality audiovisual and its gameplay managed to make me as if he were playing a game of Nintendo Wii U. As well as the uniqueness of each character and curiosity about the rest of the story Dr. Rooster and the birds experiments in his laboratory made me want to play again and again Oddwings Escape. So, are you ready to fly with Frankie and his friends?. Lets download Oddwings escape mod apk via link below.

Description :
Fly through beautiful islands, solving exciting physics based challenges. Unlock and upgrade amazing new characters to unleash their powers. Race against your friends and other players for fame and glory!

Oddwings Escape apk mod

Oddwings Escape apk mod

Your mission is to fly as far as possible, collect coins and discover keys to release the Oddwings from the evil Dr. Rooster's lab.

While you explore beautiful worlds, manoeuvre your way through the mad doctor's dangerous traps and obstacles: air bombs, poison gases and other exotic perils. Download now, and find out if you’ve got the wings to make it!

Features :
  • Unique physics based flying adventure
  • Discover secret paths and avoid tricky hazards
  • Multiplayer action! - Compete and fly with your friends even without constant internet connection
  • Bust your friends best scores to get extra rewards
  • Unlock all quirky Oddwings with different special powers, such as Speed Boost and Teleport
  • All new one-touch control makes flying super fun!
  • Free to play

Download Oddwings Escape 1.5.1 Mod Apk