Windward Apk Pro Android v1507071

windward apk pro
Dades93 - Windward apk pro placed you as a ship captain from four factions are not only distinguished through color alone, but also through special ability and boats are available. Four factions are available offering separate bonus for the four kinds of different activities that fight, roam, running quests, and trade.

Windward apk is not a game "hardcore" which requires a high focus and you can play casually while doing other activities. Nonetheless system unique gameplay and multiplayer features are able to make me that in general do not really like to play casual games can sit in front of my computer screen for several hours without being bored.

Description :
Designed from the start to be a fully procedural co-op game, Windward can be played by yourself, but it truly comes alive when playing with friends. Start by generating a procedural world that will be unique to you, design your own custom faction then sail forward fighting pirates, trading with towns, doing quests or simply exploring it's up to you how you want to play.

windward apk pro

windward apk pro

As you sail about you will find resources you can make use of, upgrades for your ship, new towns that will ask your assistance, and as you get farther out from the starting area -- various pirates that will attempt to take what's rightfully yours. Combat experience will let you unlock new talents and abilities to make that particular line of work easier.

Whats new :
  • Added new options to allow better graphics customization.

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