Smash Bandits Racing v1.08.17 Mod Apk (Mega Mod)

Smash Bandits Racing v1.08.17 Mod Apk (Mega Mod)

- Smash Bandits Racing apk. Time to have fun and do crazy things on the streets. And luapkan express your emotions with things that do not harm and harm to others through this game. You can do crazy things with being one of the bandits who always makes a rout. Chased by the police that the most exciting thing in this game, the more the police can beat you so the more points you will be able to.
Chases by police always synonymous with the destruction of the city as well as other facilities is not it? Similarly, in this game you will destroy the city facilities, but do not worry it could make your car damaged, but more and more, and the damage which you have created. The greater the points will you be able to . Points will be useful to get the car faster and stronger. There are also several championship should you win here, especially aims if not to get a great car. Just download smash bandits racing mod apk via link below.

Game Features :
  • SMASH EVERYTHING : Well, almost. Whichever route you take through an ever-changing world of dirt tracks and dusty logging towns you can crash and bash your way through smashable scenery in the most intense display of destruction you have ever seen.
  • UPGRADE & OUTRUN : Make sure you’re always ahead of the game (and the cops) with cool car upgrades. Start with a puny compact and make it awesome with extra speed, handling and strength. And when you start earning big, you might just get your hands on the fastest road car on the planet, the stunning Hennessey Venom GT.
  • SMASH THE LEADERBOARD : What crazy road race would be complete without a TV chopper hovering overhead? The further you get and the more you smash, the bigger the TV ratings and the more cash you earn. Play against your Facebook and Google+ friends to see who can become the most famous Bandit on network TV.
  • BOOST YOUR CHANCES : Before you head off you get to choose something to help you along the way. Stinger-proof tires, the 'Stunner' car taser and even a tank are available to give you the edge over the relentless Sheriff McBride and his deputies.
  • CRUISE CONTROLS : Innovative one-finger control makes it super easy to drive, drift & spin your car, and unleash those helpful gadgets - no matter where you’re playing.
  • TAKE A BANDIT CHALLENGE : The Smash Bandits race organisers don’t think that simply out-running the cops is a big enough problem, so they’ve put together over 100 challenges where you can test your driving skills to the limit.

Mod Featurs :
  • Unlimited currency

How to Install :
  1. Download apk mod via link below
  2. Install apk
  3. Enjoy the game

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Download Smash Bandits Racing v1.08.17 Mod Apk (Mega Mod)

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