Rusty Hearts RPG v1.0.8 Mod Apk (Super Mega Mod)

Rusty Hearts RPG v1.0.8 Mod Apk (Super Mega Mod)

Dades93 - Rusty Hearts Apk RPG game is always to get a new idea to make gamers never feel bored at all. With so many games offered dijaman now you certainly will not download all the games and play simultaneously instead. For that I will give one recommendation where you can enjoy a very cool RPG game. RPG game genre was released by Eyedentity Mobile, performing with stunning graphics was one of their main weapons. Gameplay is present also in desperate need skills to complete the mission there.

Frantz and his group have been dispatched to an island called Amentia in order to investigate a mysterious phenomenon nearby St. Goras. There, they encountered and desperately fought against an unknown transcendental existence, but lost the battle. As all members of Golden Seal Team that were dispatched together became missing, the fate of humanity soon faced a desperate moment. 1 year has passed since the accident known as the Day of Calamity. While top chiefs of Golden Seal Team tried to overcome vulnerability, they also dispatched a new operations officer to fully investigate the phenomenon that has been accelerating since the Day of Calamity. Just download rusty hearts mod apk, via link below.

Game Features :
  • Feel the powerful impact of Chain Break
  • Trigger ‘Chain Break’ with different character combination.
  • Break through the crisis with the powerful ‘Chain Break.’
  • Bring monsters in close and kill them in one exciting move!
  • Wipe out ceaseless waves of enemies with a dynamic move
  • in this easy and quick pace of battles.
  • Cartoon Rendering leads you into the animation action
  • The animation-like graphics vitalize the game’s style,
  • allowing you immerse more into the game.
  • Draw out tactical play through Crests and attribute relationship.
  • Equip Crests with various options to customize each character and
  • Form a unique combination among STR, DEX or Magic characters to win in the tactical battle!

Mod Features by GloryWar :
  • Insane Physical Damage.
  • Insane Magical Damage.
  • God Mode.
  • Mobs are Disarmed(They do 1 damage).
  • Mobs Have Slow Movement.
  • Increased Physical Defense.
  • Increased Magical Defense.
  • Increased Critical Rate(Doesn't always critical though)

How to Install :
  1. Download apk mod via link below
  2. Install apk
  3. Enjoy the game

Rusty Hearts RPG v1.0.8 Mod Apk (Super Mega Mod) 2

Rusty Hearts RPG v1.0.8 Mod Apk (Super Mega Mod) 1

Download Rusty Hearts RPG v1.0.8 Mod Apk (Super Mega Mod)

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