Dot Alliance 3D v1.0.0 Mod Apk (Mega Mod)

Dot Alliance 3D v1.0.0 Mod Apk (Mega Mod)

Dades93 - Dot Alliance 3D Apk. Game I will share this time is a game that goes into the category of strategy games in Google PlayStore. In recent days I've tried myself how this game actually. And the result I can be so impressive, the features found in this game is very complete and successfully provide an outstanding entertainment. It's most of my attention is the number of skills for the available characters so much, to enable me to do some very beautiful variety of attacks and of course making the fight with the enemy better. The graphics are displayed in this game also has a very nice, all displayed with a 3D display that is captivating.

That is the first expression of gamers when playing Dot Alliance 3D. Using the most modern technology platform – Unity 3D to create stunning graphics, with the sharpening of every character’s details in movement, but Dot Alliance 3D does not heat devices like many others RPG game. Just download dot alliance mod apk via link below.

Game Features :
  • Choose from more than 40 unique and diversified Heroes, from Tanker, Supporter to Dame Dealer with holy strength to crash the enemy (and keep updating).
  • Dot Alliance 3D is especially invested in lively sound and motions. Gamers will always feel the heat of an actual war.
  • The tactical nature is far too high than other RPG 
  • Never ending Faction War
  • Real Time battle – Flexible in controlling Heroes in battlefield.
  • Multiform upgrade, enhancement and improvement system.
  • Fierce battlefield makes you cannot help but keep moving forward.
  • Challenging Arena will show how strong and smart you are in controlling the army. 
  • Many interesting supplements: Slay World Boss, cross over hatred traps, theatrical fights in Doom and Hell

Mod Features by P3triix :
  • Increased stats by Equipment , I changed the logic of how they assign an X% bonus ATK,DEF and so on .
  • Now enemy hit your team members with 1 dmg
  • To make it work you need some equips equipped

How to Install :
  1. Download apk mod via link below
  2. Install apk
  3. Enjoy the game

Dot Alliance 3D v1.0.0 Mod Apk (Mega Mod)1

Download Dot Alliance 3D v1.0.0 Mod Apk (Mega Mod)

Note :
  • Apk Signed for Unroot User
  • Apk Unsigned fot Root User

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